PPE Supplies for your safe BUSINESS relaunch




Current message from our CEO 

We know the growing concerns over the spread of Coronavirus ( Covid-19 ) is leaving everyone feeling very uneasy, especially when it comes to your family, daily lives and your business. We share your concerns of all these unknowns and want to let you know that we are here to support in any way we can, during this new unknown norm.

Just like you, we are doing our best to navigate around these uncertain times as they continue to evolve. We are offering our resources in working together to help protect the well-being of all your families, employees and customers as the economy plans to be slowly relaunched, here in Ontario.

In an attempt to ebb the flow of the virus we have sourced washable face masks, disposable Face Masks and shields. With the growing shortage of disposable face masks around the globe we took this approach quickly. As this global face mask shortage matter continues to rise and our Linen manufacturing sources from around the world inform us that "The Chinese government has made some recent law changes and are only allowing to the licensed factories now to produce and export masks. If any other factory makes face masks in China, the owner will be imprisoned for one year." With that said your business may find itself running into shortages or massive price increases with disposable masks due to this new control they have recently taken. To us the washable mask option is a better option giving its reusable ability, especially if this new norm is to last till a vaccine is discovered.  Let us know, if we can be of assistance to you, your family and business with reusable protective washable face masks. Shipments start May 5th or any PPE you will need for your business as Ontario heads toward a safe relaunch.

Also on the rise is the availability and pricing of hand sanitizer, as the raw materials that make up this product are becoming more and more difficult to source for the manufactures. There has already been a climb of over 300% increase in this product pricing on the market and shortages are already present in the market. As of May 12th we will have 236ml size bottles available, as we sourced thousands early.

Also available for immediate shipping is ready to use disinfectant cleaners, locally produced here in Ontario and approved usage by our Canadian government, such approval link available upon request.

"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional" ( Roger Crawford ) We will not be defeated and we are here for you, please reach out if there is any way that we can support you, your friends and family or business and please share with anyone you think we can support.

Wishing good health to you and your loved ones.
Andrew Phillips
CEO - Blue Mountain Linen & Facility Supplies, Inc.